Dec 21, 2009

Wool felted scarf / hip wrap / headscarf / kerchief

New felted scarf which you may wear in different ways - like scarf, head kerchief or hip wrap. It is hand-felted of merino wool and different silk fabrics using nuno-felting technique. The colors are warm brown, rusty, yellow.

Wool,felt,felted,scarf,hip wrap,headscarf,kerchief

Wool,felt,felted,scarf,hip wrap,headscarf,kerchief

Dec 2, 2009

New wool felted scarflette with ruffles in autumn colors

Yesterday was first day of winter but here in Moscow we still have autumn weather - +5 and where is snow? So it's nice time for small femenine scarflettes. Here are some mew models. One in olive green color with fantasy yarn and the other in red-brown-yellow with sparkling yarn. As most of my felt works they are felted of extra-fine merino wool with silk fibers and yarn for surface design. The scarflettes closes with vintage buttons. My grandmother presented these buttons to me. She is 89!

yarn, felt, felted, green, handmade, merino wool, olive, red, ruffled scarf, ruffles, scarf, scarflette, silk, wool

brown, yarn, felt, felted, green, handmade, merino wool, olive, red, ruffled scarf, ruffles, scarf, scarflette, silk, wool

Available in my shop. For custom orders please contact me via e-mail.

Nov 30, 2009

Wool scarf / wrap / shawl and scarflette /neckwarmer - all Purple

I like purple and here are two my works in this color. The purple color is the only what is the similar. The design and style are totally differ.

Wool nuno-felted wrap / scara / shawl "Purple Flower". It's hand-felted of merino wool and natural silk.

nuno-felt, wool, scarf, wrap, shawl, purple, merino, silk, flower

Wool neckwarmer / scarflette /cowl with fringes, chunky and fluffy and warm. It's not all purple but with brown, orange, turquoise.

wool scarf, scarflette, cowl, neckwarmer, felt, multicolor

And here are some purple creations from my friends - RussianArt team on Etsy -

1. MyWaytoSay
2. VitalTemptation
3. IraRott
4. Alecia


Nov 9, 2009

Monday moodboard

Some linen items from my EST friends. Linen is always beautiul and looks so natural.

1. Kuutydruk
2. BlueTerracotta
3. Karuski
4. Lapomme
5. Swiedebie
6. Ravenhill

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Oct 6, 2009

Wedding or special occasions pelerine / capelet

Wedding pelerine / capelet from natural-white wool with nuno-felted laces, silk, wool locks. It was my first attempt to do such big piece and it was excellent experience. And the girl for whom it was made liked it! It's already cold here + 7-10 and she looked for something beautiful and warm for her wedding next week. I think it will looks nice not only with cream wedding dress but with usual cloths too. Or I supposed her to dye it other color after wedding).

It was so big at the beginning and then it became almost twice smaller.

Oct 5, 2009

Nuno-felted neck warmer / cowl Brown Navy

This nuno-felted neck warmer is my entry for EST weekly challenge. This week host is Maria Leelabijou and she announced theme "This is for you" - I´d like to challenge you to create something you´d like to give to another team member as a present. So basically, pick another team mate and make something inspired by her/him or her/his artistic work".

My inspiration - great bags and jewelry from Dawn LaTouchables. She often use in her works hand-made buttons. My collection of hand-made buttons is very small. In this cowl I used hand-made ceramic buttons from

Nuno-felted ruffled wrap/shawl

This is custom order - big (25" * 80") ruffled wrap with nuno-felted details -

Sep 28, 2009

Monday moodboard

Today is grey and rainy Monday. Autumn came to Moscow. So I need something bright and colorful. If the same to you - enjoy this red mosaic from EuropeanStreetTeam members.

1. Ayse
2. Serpetaires
3. Arctida
4. Sigmosaics

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Sep 24, 2009

Nuno felted scarf/scarflette with flower brooch Grey Rose

Nuno felted scarf/scarflette. I used merino wool and sparkling lace. This lace looks very beautiful together with mat wool. The edges ara a bit ruffle. You may wear it in different ways. Felted flower-brooch/pin is a nice detail.

Available in my shop.

Sep 23, 2009

Pink felt - felted hat for girl and nuno-felted shawl/wrap for woman

Love you pink or not it's beautiful! I'm not pink girl but some people love pink color and it suits them.

I made these pink things for my dear customers. And I still have enough pink wool and dyes to do something else in this color:)

Felted hat-flower for girl -

Nuno-felted shawl/wrap from natural silk-chiffon hand-died by me, merino wool, silk fibers, wool locks, recycled sari silk -

Sep 22, 2009

Ruffled felted scarf with nuno-felt details

I have not blogged for some weeks and now I promise to blog more often).

Here is one of my new Ruffled nuno-felt scarves in sea-blue colors -

I used merino wool of several colors, silk fiber, two different lace fabrics and nuno-felting technique).

And it's not all. I was very suprised that LaTouchables have bought this scarf. She is great artist and I'm her admirer, her bags and jewelry are very beautiful and stylish! Here are some of my favorites -

You may visit her blog here.
I consider it an honour that she have choosen my scarf!

Monday moodboard

Here are some of my favorites items from my EuropeanStreetTeam friends -

1. Kreativlink
2. Fleurfatale
4. LeelaBijou

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Aug 21, 2009

Nuno felted scarf/wrap Simple Elegance

I always liked black-white-gray color combination (you may see more my b/w creations in this post) and this scarf is the second nuno felted monochrome scarf which I made last month. I decided to do it with straight edges and maybe later I'll felt the similar ruffled scarf.

I used merino wool, lace fabric, different pieces of natural silk, silk fiber, wool locks and hand-crocheted cotton lace.

nuno felted wrap

nuno felting, scarf, wrap

Below you may find out more pictures and ways to wear this felted scarf/wrap.

nuno felting technique

nuno felted shawl

nuno felted wrap

Aug 15, 2009

Ruffled nuno-felted scarves from wool and lace

Last winter ruffled scarves was very popular and I decided to do some new ruffled scarf. The first one is black-white and the second one - brown-red.
The scarves are hand-felted from extra-fine merino wool. The lace fabric fragments are felted together with wool using nuno-felting technique.

nuno felted scarf

nuno felted scarf

ruffled nuno felt scarf
ruffle nuno felted scarf

Aug 14, 2009

Felted scarf with nuno felted details

This felted scarf was made from merino wool, diferent yarns, ribbons, hand-died silk fibers, lace fabric. Some of ribbons I used for felting  first time and I was surprised what great texture they gave. The brown spots are lace fabric which is felted onto the wool using nuno-felting technique. 

I love orange color and called this scarf "Orange burst". And I found great backgrouds for making pictures in the village.

felted scarf
felted scarf
felted scarf
felted scarf

Aug 4, 2009

Burst of colour!

I became a winner of EST weekly challege and I must to announce new theme.

Theme is BURST of COLOUR. Here you'll see the entries.

The first entry is felted scarf from Inger Ingermaaike

This is entry from PenronellaP8 Button Art and Accessories - Messenger Bag - 

Burst of colour necklace from Happyment -

This smashing necklace is from StarOfTheEast

Oh Deer You're too cute Necklace from DinaFragola

Meet Ronnie Monx Monster from Swiedebie

My entry - felted scarf with nuno felting details Orange Burst -

felted scarf with nuno-felting details

Burst Of Color Earrings from LeelaBijou

Multi Color Bead Earrings from DeerLola -

Flowering Bracelet from Sumikoshop

Gypsy Necklace from Toosis

Necklace with Ceramic Beads and Coconut Shell Triangles from Rita Alatvian

Under a Dakar Moon, a camel tote from LaTouchables

Lovely Colorful Drop Jade Gemstone Earrings from MistyAurora

The Sock, Painted Fabric Journal from Kreativlink

Burst of color necklace from Gr8jewellery

Basic Shoulder Bag from Baahar

Bouquet of felted grapes necklace form Fleurfatale

Felted baby blanket from Vitalakim