Sep 28, 2009

Monday moodboard

Today is grey and rainy Monday. Autumn came to Moscow. So I need something bright and colorful. If the same to you - enjoy this red mosaic from EuropeanStreetTeam members.

1. Ayse
2. Serpetaires
3. Arctida
4. Sigmosaics

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Sep 24, 2009

Nuno felted scarf/scarflette with flower brooch Grey Rose

Nuno felted scarf/scarflette. I used merino wool and sparkling lace. This lace looks very beautiful together with mat wool. The edges ara a bit ruffle. You may wear it in different ways. Felted flower-brooch/pin is a nice detail.

Available in my shop.

Sep 23, 2009

Pink felt - felted hat for girl and nuno-felted shawl/wrap for woman

Love you pink or not it's beautiful! I'm not pink girl but some people love pink color and it suits them.

I made these pink things for my dear customers. And I still have enough pink wool and dyes to do something else in this color:)

Felted hat-flower for girl -

Nuno-felted shawl/wrap from natural silk-chiffon hand-died by me, merino wool, silk fibers, wool locks, recycled sari silk -

Sep 22, 2009

Ruffled felted scarf with nuno-felt details

I have not blogged for some weeks and now I promise to blog more often).

Here is one of my new Ruffled nuno-felt scarves in sea-blue colors -

I used merino wool of several colors, silk fiber, two different lace fabrics and nuno-felting technique).

And it's not all. I was very suprised that LaTouchables have bought this scarf. She is great artist and I'm her admirer, her bags and jewelry are very beautiful and stylish! Here are some of my favorites -

You may visit her blog here.
I consider it an honour that she have choosen my scarf!

Monday moodboard

Here are some of my favorites items from my EuropeanStreetTeam friends -

1. Kreativlink
2. Fleurfatale
4. LeelaBijou

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