Aug 21, 2009

Nuno felted scarf/wrap Simple Elegance

I always liked black-white-gray color combination (you may see more my b/w creations in this post) and this scarf is the second nuno felted monochrome scarf which I made last month. I decided to do it with straight edges and maybe later I'll felt the similar ruffled scarf.

I used merino wool, lace fabric, different pieces of natural silk, silk fiber, wool locks and hand-crocheted cotton lace.

nuno felted wrap

nuno felting, scarf, wrap

Below you may find out more pictures and ways to wear this felted scarf/wrap.

nuno felting technique

nuno felted shawl

nuno felted wrap

Aug 15, 2009

Ruffled nuno-felted scarves from wool and lace

Last winter ruffled scarves was very popular and I decided to do some new ruffled scarf. The first one is black-white and the second one - brown-red.
The scarves are hand-felted from extra-fine merino wool. The lace fabric fragments are felted together with wool using nuno-felting technique.

nuno felted scarf

nuno felted scarf

ruffled nuno felt scarf
ruffle nuno felted scarf

Aug 14, 2009

Felted scarf with nuno felted details

This felted scarf was made from merino wool, diferent yarns, ribbons, hand-died silk fibers, lace fabric. Some of ribbons I used for felting  first time and I was surprised what great texture they gave. The brown spots are lace fabric which is felted onto the wool using nuno-felting technique. 

I love orange color and called this scarf "Orange burst". And I found great backgrouds for making pictures in the village.

felted scarf
felted scarf
felted scarf
felted scarf

Aug 4, 2009

Burst of colour!

I became a winner of EST weekly challege and I must to announce new theme.

Theme is BURST of COLOUR. Here you'll see the entries.

The first entry is felted scarf from Inger Ingermaaike

This is entry from PenronellaP8 Button Art and Accessories - Messenger Bag - 

Burst of colour necklace from Happyment -

This smashing necklace is from StarOfTheEast

Oh Deer You're too cute Necklace from DinaFragola

Meet Ronnie Monx Monster from Swiedebie

My entry - felted scarf with nuno felting details Orange Burst -

felted scarf with nuno-felting details

Burst Of Color Earrings from LeelaBijou

Multi Color Bead Earrings from DeerLola -

Flowering Bracelet from Sumikoshop

Gypsy Necklace from Toosis

Necklace with Ceramic Beads and Coconut Shell Triangles from Rita Alatvian

Under a Dakar Moon, a camel tote from LaTouchables

Lovely Colorful Drop Jade Gemstone Earrings from MistyAurora

The Sock, Painted Fabric Journal from Kreativlink

Burst of color necklace from Gr8jewellery

Basic Shoulder Bag from Baahar

Bouquet of felted grapes necklace form Fleurfatale

Felted baby blanket from Vitalakim

Freeform crocheted necklace "Mystic Black"

I crocheted this necklace very long time, because did not know exactly which it might to be. And at least it's ready. Vintage buttons and glass beads are encapsulated in crochet. The necklace closures with button. I liked how it turned out!

freeform crocheted necklace mystic black

freeform crocheted necklace mystic black

This necklace was my entry for EST weekly challenge. Previous week winner was Michele