Feb 24, 2009

"Combination of dissonant".

In this post you may see the items for this week’s Europeanstreetteam’s challenge.

First entry is "Newborne baby" brooch from Palepink from Denmark. Here is her Etsy shop .

This is second entry - Dissonant harmony bracelet - Lime and violet spiral. Carmen from Budapest made it, here is her blog and Etsy shop.

Spring Spirit - Bracelet - from Amanda from Stockholm, this is her Etsy shop

One more beautiful item from Fleur, this her blog and her Etsy shop .

This beautiful bag is from Eve, here is her blog and her Etsy shop

Cederwood and wool clutch from Inger - her blog and her Etsy shop

And the entry from the winner of last week challenge Veerle, herEtsy shop, her blog

Entry from Renate - Happy Together Journal, her blog and her Etsy shop

Non-Dissonant Feather Necklace from Kraplap, this is her blog and her Etsy shop

Esther and Estella made this smashing necklace, these are their blog and Etsy shop

Сhain and plastic necklace of Psarokokalo from Athens, here is her Etsy shop and blog


I felted this scarflette for the weekly challenge of Etsy’s Europeanstreetteam.
The theme was ‘TON SUR TON’. Veerle Maes was the winner of last week challenge . She make very beautiful jewerly from natural silk- here's her ETSY shop

I like purple color so I did this waved purple scarflette.
фиолет сыр 1

And I won the challenge!

The new theme is "Combination of dissonant".


Hello and welcome to my blog!
I just have created this blog. I'll write here about my felt creations and about the others things I like:)