May 30, 2009

Friday news

Yesterday  Amoronia's red-turquoise treasury was on FP and I was in it! Thank you, Amoronia for including my poppy flower brooch in your beautiful list!

If you are interested in how my Friday (and the other days) looks, please read "Friday is my day" in Heli blog. Heli is artist from Istanbul, she was so kind to invite me in her blog. Look at her Etsy farm and Etsy bag shop.

"Cheap, but gorgeous!" - this is the theme of the EST Team challenge for this week.  Previous hallenge was won by Alatvian and she announced this great theme. Here is my entry - nuno-felted bandana/scarflette/belt - and what a surprise - it was sold quickly!

May 25, 2009

Monday Finds - silver rings

Indeed I rarely wear rings but earlier I liked them very much and preferrably from silver. Look at my collection (I baught them during last 20 years, so it's less than one a year:))  

I have searched on Etsy and look what a beautiful and orginal silver rings I found.

Flexible Ring from AleksandraVALI,  her ETSY shop.

Cube Flip Flap Ring from from AleksandraVALI,  her ETSY shop.

Lampwork glass ring from Evihan

True Blue Flower Sterling Silver Ring from Nafsika

Red Passion - Natural Ruby Flower Ring from Meltemsem

Natural coral - Unique ring from Jealousydesign

Your thoughts - Sterling silver ring from Artisanlook

Falling leaves - Sterling silver leaf ring from Silvercrush. As I realized later this ring and previous ine was created by the same team of artists).

Hats, mittens and sauna

I have made birthday present for my husband - mittens for sauna-

And look at hats for sauna I have made earlier -

May 21, 2009

Good news!

Today is cloudy day and it would be nice to see something beautiful like this flowers - 

It's beautiful art print from IrinaPhotography

And Irina have made bunner for my

Yesterday I was on FP. Thank you Ashley Pahl

And new freeform crochet necklace available in my shop

May 18, 2009

May 14, 2009

Felted bag "Unusaul color combination'

I have made this seamless felted bag in colors choosen by customer. I thaught that the colors was uncombined but now I really like this color combo -

I tried to find where may we meet this color combo in nature and the best finds was this pictures -

Both pictures was taken by my husband in Karelia, Kolskiy peninsula, North of Russia.

May 12, 2009

Nuno-felted shawl Azure

This shawl is my entry for the European's Street Week's challenge hosted by Maria.

The theme was "Inspired By A Movie". I was inspired by "Le Grand Bleu" with Jean Reno.

The shawl is available in my Etsy shop -

As I was inspired by sea, I want to show pictures of seas where I was -


1. Malorca, Mediterranean sea, 2. Crimea, Black Sea, 3. Andaman sea, Thailand, 4. Mediterranean sea, Turkey. All pictures was taken by my husband).