Jun 27, 2012

Wool felted ruffled scarf Brown Purple Turquoise

Wool felted ruffled scarf by Jane Bo
Wool felted ruffled scarf, a photo by Jane Bo on Flickr.

Wool felted scarf with ruffles, fringes and holes. Deep brown, purple, turquoise colors. The scarf is felted of extra-fine merino wool and hand-dyed silk fibers. Drapes nicely, warm and unique.

Jun 19, 2012

Olive green wool felted fish net scarf

Wool felted fish net art scarf. Looks like lace of tree's branches and leaves in summer forest. Due to it cobweb texture you may wear it in fresh summer evening or cold winer day. Wool is natural warm and breathable material.

Cuff bracelet creamy beige

Cuff bracelet creamy beige by Jane Bo
Cuff bracelet creamy beige, a photo by Jane Bo on Flickr.
Women cuff in bohemian style - felted of natural wool, silk, lace.