Dec 27, 2011

Wool felted Capelet lavender custom

Beautiful wool women capelet for special occasions or wedding. Nice lavender color, natural wool, OOAK.

felted capelet, women clothing, wedding

Oct 27, 2011

Wool felted women mittens Grey natural

mittens, wool, felted, felt, women
mittens, wool, felted, felt, women
Wool felted mittens Grey natural, originally uploaded by Jane Bo.

Warm and cozy wool felted women mittens. Neutral grey color of natural undyed merino wool and branch-inspired decoration of silk fibers. This mittens are great gift for her.

Oct 14, 2011

Wool felted men scarf Black Grey Patchwork

Gift for men is always a problem). This warm wool felted men scarf in black and gery colors would be the nice gift for men.

mens scarf, men scarf, grey scarf, felted, felt

Oct 13, 2011

Women wool nuno felted scarf Pink Olive Orange

This wool scarf with bright neon colors will make you day during grey autumn and cold winter. Fish net design, fringes, silk scraps decoration and warmth of natural super-fine wool.

Although good for cold summer evenings.

women wool scarf,  shawl,  felt,  felted
цветные сны 1, originally uploaded by Jane Bo.

women wool scarf,  shawl,  felt,  felted

women wool scarf,  shawl,  felt,  felted

Oct 9, 2011

Wool felted orange scarf

<p>Warm and soft, cozy and tender women wool scarf. Nice salmon - orange color, shining surface, circles of silk ribbon. This nuno felted scarf will be great gift for her.</p>

Warm and soft, cozy and tender women wool scarf. Nice salmon - orange color, shining surface, circles of silk ribbon. This nuno felted scarf will be great gift for her.

women scarf, felt, felted, wool, orange, nuno-felting
Wool felted orange scarf, originally uploaded by Jane Bo.

Oct 1, 2011

Grey wool mittens with poppy flowers

Wool mittens with pretty small poppies decoration. It becomes cold and the mittens are nice accessory to keep your arms warm in autumn and winter.

women mittens, wool mittens, felted mittens, felt

Aug 28, 2011

Flower brooch pink rose

flower brooch, felt flower brooch, flower brooch pin, rose brooch, red rose brooch, red brooch
Flower brooch pink rose, originally uploaded by Jane Bo.

Therу are some things that are always beautiful and always trendy. For example - flowers. And the rose is the queen of flowers.

This brooch flower is nice accessory for every style. You may wear flower brooch with everyday cloth or with evening dress. The flower brooch will make attracting your simple style and it's very feminine detail.

flower brooch, felt flower brooch, flower brooch pin, rose brooch, red rose brooch, red brooch

Aug 18, 2011

Brown felted cuff

Felted bracelet cuff with beautiful natural wool locks, silk and lace. Looks natural and organic and will be great accessory for any style.

felted cuff, bracelet, fabric cuff, nuno felting
Brown felted cuff, originally uploaded by Jane Bo.

Felted wrist cuff / bracelet is made of wool, silk, lace, wool locks.

felted cuff, bracelet, fabric cuff, nuno felting

Aug 13, 2011

Wool felted fingerless gloves Turquoise

How to make your outfit unique? Add bright accesoories.

Blue turquoise fingerless gloves made of soft merino wool will warmth your arms up and add bright accent to your look.

fingerless gloves, wrist warmers, mittens, wool felted, turquoise

Aug 8, 2011

Women scarf wool nuno felted Ivory white

Sometimes you want something out of the frame - unusual and unique. This scarf with its uneven shape, cutly locks, textured surface is the same. It was felted of natural undyed merino wool and wool locks. Vintage lace and cotton fabric gives nice textures. You may wear it with your everyday outwear or like wrap for speciall occasins and wedding.

scarf, wedding, white, nuno felting

white scarf, women, wool, nuno felted

Aug 4, 2011

Aug 2, 2011

Wool scarf Fall colors nuno felted/ Шарф Ожидание осени, войлок

women scarf, wool scarf, felted scarf, nuno felting, how to felt

Wool women scarf-wrap in fall colors - brown, red, green olive. It's still summer here but it's something in the air that inspired me to take fall colors and make this scarf. Rich textures are the result of nuno felt technic. I do not stop to wonder how wool and fabric shrinkes and become one piece - it's miracle).

Jul 24, 2011

Women nuno felted fiber art scarf wrap Black and white OOAK

wool scarf, nuno felted, black, white, silk, fiber art ooak

Beautiful wool scarf - classy and stylish. Felted from black, white, grey super-fine merino wool and different fabrics using nuno-felting technic.

Jul 7, 2011

Summer scarves

Here are summer nuno felted scarves - airy and soft, colorful and bright. Felted of merino wool and natural silk schiffon, hand dyed by me.

silk summer scarf, nuno felted

silk summer scarf, nuno felted

silk summer scarf, nuno felted

silk summer scarf, nuno felted

Jun 29, 2011

Nuno felted scarf with plant dyed silk scraps

This scarf is like song which was written by sun, earth, rain, wind. It about flowers growing in the fields and the forests, about tree's leaves, grass under the trees...

I was picking flowers and leaves and dyed pieces of silk. Every is unique with its own story. And then it was inspiring proccess of felting - ivory white natural wool and silk became one piece. I did'not use any electric devices - only hands, water and soap.

Feb 24, 2011

Brooch Flower

If you want to refresh your outfit beautiful and original accesories - that what you need. 2011 spring fashion trend is flower brooches. Crocheted, felted, textile and others. I looked for handmade accessories and I liked very much leather brooches from Ekaterina.

She make amazing patchwork accessories and clothes and leather jewelry - brooches, necklaces, pendants. Look at this beautiful deep red brooch

It's has beautiful color and very interesting combination of materials - leather, organza, vintage beads. It can be attracting addition to your clothes, bag, hat or something else.

And here is my felted flower brooch in brown turquoise colors. It's hand felted of wool and decorated with lace.

brooch, flower, accesoories, felted, felt

Feb 22, 2011

When you make a gift, it's important to make it personalizing. Nice idea is to make something with Zodiac sign. Look what I have found in Irina's blog. Here is free digital collage sheet Zodiac. You may use these images for bottle caps, cards, collage work, bookmarks, stickers, jewelry, scrapbooking, glass tiles, magnets or something else.

Thank you, Irina, for this beautiful free collage!

Feb 17, 2011

Flowers - how to crochet

We have very cold winter now. It's -20C. But the sun is shining and the spring will come soon. I missed flowers so I have felt some roses of wool.

felted flower brooch rose

In my craft I often use flower inspired themes. I like to felt flowers, crochet flowers or make flower's pattern on scarves. I'm planning to decorate some baby clothes with flowers. And I find in Lana's blog easy crochet flower tutorial

Easy and very pretty flowers - would be nice as decoration for clothes, bags, pillows or something else.

Feb 14, 2011

Wool warm hat - balaclava helmet

Warm wool hat are the must have for those who lives in cold climate. It’s about me:). Winter begins in November and ends in March here in Russia. I mean winter when temperature is bellow zero. Some time ago I felted scarf-cowl-hoodie of merino wool. It's nice for winter.

wool felted hat cowl hoodie halmet balaclava
Recently I discovered that there is very similar design - helmet balaclava.
I read about it in Lana's blog. She likes knitting and crochet. You may find very interesting posts in her blog about how to knit, crochet, last fashion trends and many wonderful free patterns as well.
I have found excellent balaclava helmet free pattern here

She gave clear instructions how to knit helmet balaclava using basic knitting stitches.

I know that Balaclava is small beautiful town on the Black Sea coast in Crimea.

I found through internet that hekmet's name came from this town's name. British soldiers saved from cold wind and frost wearing such helmets during Crimean war (October 1853–February 1856).

Now warm hat helmet balaclava are very popular among snowborders, skiers, alpinists.

You may buy one from sport shop or knit or crochet of wool by yourself if you can. Here are my handmade felted hat - balaclava).

Feb 3, 2011

Wool felted scarf Eco color natural

Since I have moved to new house out of megapolis I have great opportunity to make pictures outside. Here are two of them. You may see how beautiful winter we have this year - much snow and frost.

Scarves are available in my shop.

felted, scarf, handmade, eco friendly, wool, organic

Jan 22, 2011

Nuno felted Scarf Brown Turquoise OOAK

This beautiful scarf wrap will be nice accent in every outfit. Color combo of brown-choco with turquoise and rich texture make your style eye-catching.

The scarf is hand-felted of extra-fine australia merino wool (18mic) and several different fabrics using nuno-felting technique. It's soft and warm. Schiffon, silk, laces are felted onto the wool and give beautiful textures.