Nov 19, 2010

Nuno Felted triangle scarf / kerchief Brown Turquoise Red Wine

I like this design - you may wear it in different ways - like scarf, hip wrap, shawl and even like head scarf. The scarf wet-felted of fine merino wool using nuno-felting technic. Silk, laces, sari silk yarn, silk fibers make great textures on the surface.

wool nuno felted scarf, triangle scarf
wool nuno felted scarf, triangle scarf

Nov 18, 2010

Nuno felted scarf Cobalt Waves wool and silk

This OOAK scarf is felted of extra-fine merino wool and natural silk as a base using nuno-felting technique. It's very soft and airy.

Bright cobale blue and turquoise colors reminds of blue sky or sea. Scarf is OOAK item as it is fully hand-felted and hand-dyed by me.

silk scarf, nuno felted, cobalt blue
silk scarf, nuno felted, cobalt blue

Nov 14, 2010

Back to Nature Nuno felted eco fashion Hoodie scarf cowl

This hoodie scarf cowl from my Autumn 2010 collection looks very organic and natural. It is hand felted of natural undyed white-ivory-biege merino wool, lace fragments, wool locks. Wear it like neckwarmer or like hoodie.

cowl, hood, hoodie, scarf, eco-fashion, nuno felted, wool, lace

Nov 11, 2010

Nuno felted mittens and scarf Purple Moon

mittens, nuno-felting, wrist warmers, felted, felt, wool, silk
Nuno felted mittens Purple Moon, originally uploaded by Jane Bo.

scarf, collar, women fashion, nuno felted, wool, silk, handmade

This small gracefull scarf collar and fingerless mittens / wrist warmers would be nice accessory for those who likes purple. Small chiffon ruffle on the top of scarf looks airy, two vintage buttons glitters nicely, soft wool warms carefully.

They are hand-felted of extra-fine merino wool and natural silk-chiffon using nuno-felting technic.

Nov 9, 2010

Nuno felted wristwarmers

wristwarmers, mittens, fingerless glove, felt, nuno felting

These wrist warmers / fingerless glooves / mittens are hand-felted of wool and fabric (nuno-felting).

Keep your arms warm and your fingers free for typing, driving, playing, etc...

Nov 8, 2010

Wool nuno felted scarf for men

scarf, men, wool, silk, nuno felted
Wool nuno felted scarf for men, originally uploaded by Jane Bo.

It's diffucult to choose gift for him. It was custom ordered by one lovely woman for her husband. I hope he will like the scarf.

I felted it from merino wool and silk with ornament.

Nov 7, 2010

Handmade wool felted scarf with fringes Pirple Gold Olive

Are you tired of grey autumn and cold winter? Do you want more colors and emotions?

This handmade wool scarf will bring burst of colors to your style. Contrasting combo of bright purple, gold yellow, calming green and stylish terracota is main feature of the scarf. I was really enjoying to mix colors in this scarf. And besides of all it is felted of extra-fine merino wool, so it's delecious for your skin - soft and warm. Funny fringes and holes help not to be too serious.