Oct 6, 2009

Wedding or special occasions pelerine / capelet

Wedding pelerine / capelet from natural-white wool with nuno-felted laces, silk, wool locks. It was my first attempt to do such big piece and it was excellent experience. And the girl for whom it was made liked it! It's already cold here + 7-10 and she looked for something beautiful and warm for her wedding next week. I think it will looks nice not only with cream wedding dress but with usual cloths too. Or I supposed her to dye it other color after wedding).

It was so big at the beginning and then it became almost twice smaller.

Oct 5, 2009

Nuno-felted neck warmer / cowl Brown Navy

This nuno-felted neck warmer is my entry for EST weekly challenge. This week host is Maria Leelabijou and she announced theme "This is for you" - I´d like to challenge you to create something you´d like to give to another team member as a present. So basically, pick another team mate and make something inspired by her/him or her/his artistic work".

My inspiration - great bags and jewelry from Dawn LaTouchables. She often use in her works hand-made buttons. My collection of hand-made buttons is very small. In this cowl I used hand-made ceramic buttons from www.wondrousstrange.etsy.com.

Nuno-felted ruffled wrap/shawl

This is custom order - big (25" * 80") ruffled wrap with nuno-felted details -