Feb 17, 2011

Flowers - how to crochet

We have very cold winter now. It's -20C. But the sun is shining and the spring will come soon. I missed flowers so I have felt some roses of wool.

felted flower brooch rose

In my craft I often use flower inspired themes. I like to felt flowers, crochet flowers or make flower's pattern on scarves. I'm planning to decorate some baby clothes with flowers. And I find in Lana's blog easy crochet flower tutorial

Easy and very pretty flowers - would be nice as decoration for clothes, bags, pillows or something else.


  1. I love flowers too, great pattern. thank you for shearing.

  2. beautiful flowers! they could become amazing brooches and decoration items!

  3. Amazing flower!Thanks a lot for the pattern!

  4. Who doesn't love flowers :) I know I do! Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  5. Thank yoy! very interestin post!