Feb 14, 2011

Wool warm hat - balaclava helmet

Warm wool hat are the must have for those who lives in cold climate. It’s about me:). Winter begins in November and ends in March here in Russia. I mean winter when temperature is bellow zero. Some time ago I felted scarf-cowl-hoodie of merino wool. It's nice for winter.

wool felted hat cowl hoodie halmet balaclava
Recently I discovered that there is very similar design - helmet balaclava.
I read about it in Lana's blog. She likes knitting and crochet. You may find very interesting posts in her blog about how to knit, crochet, last fashion trends and many wonderful free patterns as well.
I have found excellent balaclava helmet free pattern here

She gave clear instructions how to knit helmet balaclava using basic knitting stitches.

I know that Balaclava is small beautiful town on the Black Sea coast in Crimea.

I found through internet that hekmet's name came from this town's name. British soldiers saved from cold wind and frost wearing such helmets during Crimean war (October 1853–February 1856).

Now warm hat helmet balaclava are very popular among snowborders, skiers, alpinists.

You may buy one from sport shop or knit or crochet of wool by yourself if you can. Here are my handmade felted hat - balaclava).


  1. very interesting design, thank you for the pattern source.

  2. Cool helmet! I bet it keeps you warm :)

  3. I do have time to see your blog !

  4. Wow!I know the Balaclava because I lived in Sevastopol.So amazing pattern!

  5. Its amazing, we found the hooded scarves in fashion streets now but the fashion has its roots in helmet balaclava... nice post!!