Aug 4, 2009

Burst of colour!

I became a winner of EST weekly challege and I must to announce new theme.

Theme is BURST of COLOUR. Here you'll see the entries.

The first entry is felted scarf from Inger Ingermaaike

This is entry from PenronellaP8 Button Art and Accessories - Messenger Bag - 

Burst of colour necklace from Happyment -

This smashing necklace is from StarOfTheEast

Oh Deer You're too cute Necklace from DinaFragola

Meet Ronnie Monx Monster from Swiedebie

My entry - felted scarf with nuno felting details Orange Burst -

felted scarf with nuno-felting details

Burst Of Color Earrings from LeelaBijou

Multi Color Bead Earrings from DeerLola -

Flowering Bracelet from Sumikoshop

Gypsy Necklace from Toosis

Necklace with Ceramic Beads and Coconut Shell Triangles from Rita Alatvian

Under a Dakar Moon, a camel tote from LaTouchables

Lovely Colorful Drop Jade Gemstone Earrings from MistyAurora

The Sock, Painted Fabric Journal from Kreativlink

Burst of color necklace from Gr8jewellery

Basic Shoulder Bag from Baahar

Bouquet of felted grapes necklace form Fleurfatale

Felted baby blanket from Vitalakim


  1. Congrats!!! Great theme, I look forward to see the entries! :)

  2. Congrats!!!! Awesome theme!! :)

  3. Great theme! *off to find colorful supplies or to paint some*

  4. Warm congrats on winning the challenge last week, I love your theme very much as you might notice..

  5. Congratulations, Jane. Fun scarf by Inger :-)

  6. Congrats for winning, Jane!
    Fun Scarf Inger!

  7. Congrats Jane and great theme! I'll try to make something for this challenge!

  8. Congratulations, Evgeniya. The theme is great!

  9. Congrats on winning the challenge!

    WOW, I missed this amazing challenge, all the items are stunning! really nice!

  10. Yay Jane, thank you so much for choosing my necklace to be the winner of your lovely challenge.

    As for the new challenge theme. It is "Tim Burton Style Gothic Fantasy" ...

    Show me your steampunk and noir beautiful pieces... I will make an announcement on my blog with inspirational pictures and all

    Lots of Love,
    Pinar (toosis)

  11. Great theme, Pinar!

    Thank you all fro your beautiful entries!