Aug 21, 2009

Nuno felted scarf/wrap Simple Elegance

I always liked black-white-gray color combination (you may see more my b/w creations in this post) and this scarf is the second nuno felted monochrome scarf which I made last month. I decided to do it with straight edges and maybe later I'll felt the similar ruffled scarf.

I used merino wool, lace fabric, different pieces of natural silk, silk fiber, wool locks and hand-crocheted cotton lace.

nuno felted wrap

nuno felting, scarf, wrap

Below you may find out more pictures and ways to wear this felted scarf/wrap.

nuno felting technique

nuno felted shawl

nuno felted wrap


  1. OMG! This one is a peace of Art! Love it :)

  2. Jane, I love your work! Keep up the great job--it is so inspiring to me!

  3. Beautiful work Jane! I don't know why I hadb't seen your blog before. i see on Flickr all the time and never thought of looking for this journal...


  4. Thank you, Arctida, Dawn!

    Marian, I'm not very organized blogger, there are more my creations on Flickr than here)