Sep 23, 2009

Pink felt - felted hat for girl and nuno-felted shawl/wrap for woman

Love you pink or not it's beautiful! I'm not pink girl but some people love pink color and it suits them.

I made these pink things for my dear customers. And I still have enough pink wool and dyes to do something else in this color:)

Felted hat-flower for girl -

Nuno-felted shawl/wrap from natural silk-chiffon hand-died by me, merino wool, silk fibers, wool locks, recycled sari silk -


  1. The hat is so darling! And the wrap gorgeous. I don't wear much pink, but it figures a lot in my work.

  2. The shawl is very beautiful, you can see the softnees in the picture!

  3. oh I love the hat! absolutely adorable!