Nov 30, 2009

Wool scarf / wrap / shawl and scarflette /neckwarmer - all Purple

I like purple and here are two my works in this color. The purple color is the only what is the similar. The design and style are totally differ.

Wool nuno-felted wrap / scara / shawl "Purple Flower". It's hand-felted of merino wool and natural silk.

nuno-felt, wool, scarf, wrap, shawl, purple, merino, silk, flower

Wool neckwarmer / scarflette /cowl with fringes, chunky and fluffy and warm. It's not all purple but with brown, orange, turquoise.

wool scarf, scarflette, cowl, neckwarmer, felt, multicolor

And here are some purple creations from my friends - RussianArt team on Etsy -

1. MyWaytoSay
2. VitalTemptation
3. IraRott
4. Alecia



  1. Amethyst is such a lovely color ! If only I had a place were I can wear your Purple flowers ...

  2. Yummy purples! Gorgeous scarfs as always Jane! I loooove mine, btw :) and thank you for a feature!