Mar 17, 2009

Necklace Amphitrite

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"Native tribes" is the theme of this week's challenge of the European Street Team on Etsy. The previous winner was Psarokokalo -

I made this necklace from one big seashell felted into turquoise wool with silk fiber and small seashells, pearl buttons, pearl beads. I called it "Amphitrite" - sea-goddess, daughter of Nereus, and Poseidon's wife in Greek mifoologiya.

I have never been in Greece yet, this shells I picked in Turkey in October 2008. Here some photo from our vacations -



Canyon near Goynuk

Baby-climbers! My son (on the left) and his friend.

Me on the rocks


  1. Oh, you are quite talented as a photographer too! I love the little hollow in the cliff photo, but it scares me a bit too! It looks dangerous...
    ~Emily xx

  2. Wow! Love all the pics. My favie one is the pic is the one of u in the hole of the cliff. U are so brave. :)

  3. Great pictures and a great entry! Love you sitting in the rock. Met my husband while rock climbing :0D climbing is great.

  4. oooh, beautiful necklace!! and what a wonderful ics, wish i was there too! and your two kids look so sweet!

  5. I love your challenge entry and great pictures of you in Turkey!

  6. I like the way the shell is enclosed by the felt ! like a cocoon.

  7. Ohh, what a gorgeous entry! It's superbeautiful!
    And I love the holiday pictures too - you seem to be a great climber - I'm afraid of hights since I fell off a volcano and I even got goosebumps looking at the pictures! :)

  8. Beautiful necklace and lovely summer photos!