Mar 30, 2009

Girl and flowers

I made this hat and scarf for 4 yo girl. Here you may see my son as model:)

I bought wool of very bright yellow, green and blue colors half a year ago and didn't know what to do with it. Now after almost 4 months of winter I decided to do this scarf -

It's available in my Etsy shop (click on the image).


  1. The hat is very pretty. You are so good with felt! I like the colours of your scarf. :)

  2. Very pretty hat and scarf set! Your son does the modelling so well:)

    And the scarf in your shop is beautiful too, very springy and airy. Just perfect!


  3. that scarf is a great idea for spring ! and as I already said on flickr, I luvvvvv that hat !

  4. What a beautiful flower hat you've made. It's absolutely adorable. It's really beautiful things you're making.

  5. beautifull creations, a real piece of art, that flwoer hat!!!!

  6. Jane the hat and scaft are so beautiful!! Your son is a gorgeous model :) and I admire your new felted scarf greatly!!