Jul 8, 2009

Crocheted freeform jewelry and trip to the south

I was travelling during last two week. In the car, on the beach, in the evening at campin I was crocheting, so now I have several unfinished projects of freeform crocheted necklaces from yarn and different beads - gemstone, glass, coral. I'm going to finish all of them soon. Here they are -

And now about our trip. We left Moscow early in the morning and drove to the south. After 1.5 days we arrived to  new rock-climbing place near village Guamka on the north of Caucasus mountains. There is small river in the canyon -

All climbong spots difficult to find in the forest. One time we found and climbed there. One time we could not find but found mushrooms in the forest near the river.

After this we moved to other rocks "Induk" (turkey). The road to top waS too steep, we drove up throw the forest almost where the rocks begun -

Last meters to good place for camping we went by foot, there was no road more.

This is one of rocks on the top -

After 2 days we went to Black Sea coast -

And then we decided to move to Azov Sea which is very good for kids because of its sand beaches. It's very beautiful place Dolzhanskaya spit. We walked and swimmed and one day hubby rent kayak and went to the end of spit and made pictures of birds.

During the way to home we stayed for two days in beautiful place near city Elets 450km from Moscow and had great time climbing and walking.

This the longest post I have even written:)) Thank you for reading and sorry for the mistakes!


  1. oh Jane what an incredible trip!! getting right back to nature .. it looks like you have all had a wonderful time, especially your son!

    the crochet work looks beautiful ..can't wait to see the finihsed pieces!

  2. Jane, your holidays look so wonderful! I want to go where you went--just a paradise--and your new necklace work looks lovely!

  3. Wow!What great places you visited!!!You must have had a great time!!!!The pictures are lovely!!!

  4. Ochenj krasivije ukrashenija ! a fotografii na prirode prosto klass ! ochenj ponravilsja kamenistij pljazh i skali ! great looking jewelry !

  5. Great trip, you brave girl! I can see you love rock klimbing -Ii am a bit too cowardy for making that :)

  6. Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful trip! Your little boy is wonderful! The first place that you show pictures of reminds me a lot of our trip to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia - near Five Islands Provincial Park! It too has fascinating rock formations and many fossils.

    And your crochet is wonderful too - go and finish!

  7. Thank you Claire! Tha nature in Canada is amazing, it would be great to go there somewhere!